Ethical Saudi Label Abadia Reveals Their Latest Collection

Keeping your fits clean and the planet safe

You might have seen Abadia’s designs on Alicia Keys. Well, the Saudi-based brand is marking its return through an exciting new collection. The best part? It meticulously marries elevated traditional designs and elegant patterns with a contemporary charm. The sustainable label is back to what it knows how to do best by staying true to its essence, keeping close to its usual signature style all while taking the daring risk to push creative boundaries on style and aesthetics even further than they have before.

abadia collection

abadia collection

In time with the spring season, Abadia’s latest line makes extensive use of a sun-drenched color palette, ranging from bright yellows to cream blues and matte oranges through ample and undeniably comfortable cuts and silhouettes. Dresses, jackets, jerseys and crop tops are all part of the collection, which is stitched in different materials and textiles from silk to cotton and back denim. This new set of clothes serves, as enthusiasts of the label would expect, the brand’s almost eponymous combination of female ease with masculine structure that are thought-out to be timeless additions to the Abadia woman’s chic wardrobe.


saudi arabia collection

The Saudi-founded label, which is known for keeping close attention to how sustainable its fabrics and process of production is, has kept on its continuing mission to remain one of the region’s most forward and leading brands when it comes to being, both in theory and practice, an eco-friendly house of fashion. 

Abadia is once again stamping its core values all across its high-end pieces. The garments are smoothly complemented with modern details one does not expect to see on such traditional silhouettes. This can be seen through the presented jerseys which have been granted with some much-needed cooling properties and UV protection from the sun. 

abadia ramadan collection

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