Everything You Need to Know About Your Mom’s Favourite Turkish Series

Inside the world of dubbed melodramas

Ramadan is here, and whilst the fulfilment of religious duties holds most importance for many Arabs across the region, it’s also time for this season’s highly-anticipated TV dramas.

With the internet in play, young Arabs have shifted their focus to Netflix. This year, some of the region’s biggest names are starring in series on the streaming service. Not to mention the obsession with the superstars behind the screen; Burcu Özberk, Hande Erçel & Aras Bulut İynemli for example. As for Arab moms, one particular genre has taken the reigns in recent years: Turkish dramas.

To give you an idea what they’re all about, MILLE dives into the world of the Arabic-dubbed series that captured our mother’s hearts.


The Turkish melodrama was the first the hit the scene in the region. Originally aired in 2005, the TV series, which Turkish name is Gümus, made its way to the Arab world almost a decade ago after it was finally dubbed in Arabic. As for the plot, the series follows the story of a young woman, Nour, who marries into a wealthy family to a man who is not in love with her.


Sanawat Daya3

Soon after Nour gained popularity, yet another Turkish drama was picked up by multiple TV networks: Sanawat Daya3, or Ihlamurlar Altinda in Turkish. The TV series trails the life of a poor man, Yahya, who was madly in love with Rafif, a woman in his neighbourhood. Rafif winds up marrying a rich man, whose sister then falls in love with Yahya.


Wadi Diab

Whilst love stories tend to be all the rage when it comes to Turkish soap operas, things took a different turn with Wadi Diab. Originally called Kurtlar Vadisi, the TV series, which closed out its fourth season in 2005 follows a Turkish intelligence agent working to infiltrate Turkish mafia.


Ala Marr Zaman

Set in 1967, Ala Marr Zaman, or Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki in Turkish is based on a true story surrounding a family with the name Akarsu—whose patriarch is a captain of a ship. The series includes everything from love affairs, jail time, fires and everything in between.

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