Swallow This! Dubai

Swallow This! An Exhibition Exploring Female Arab Bodies

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Swallow This! Dubai

With such a name, you too will be intrigued. ‘Swallow This!’ is Lara Chahine and Reem Falaknaz’s latest brainchild. The two photographers joined forces to deliver a one-of-a-kind exhibition that will seek to explore and unpack the body of Arab women through various perspectives.

Kicking off this March 8 in Dubai’s esteemed Gulf Photo Plus (GPP), the exhibition will run for a month. Curated by the institution, GPP sought to bring new ideas to the forefront, while taking the two emerging photographers to new heights as part of their mission to develop visual and critical literacy and photography practices in the region.

Self-taught freelance photographer Lara Chahine will be introducing “Bless Your Beauty”; a series that aims to examine the overwhelming pressure that comes with our society’s beauty standards. From both an emotional and physical level, the young creative sheds light on the many destructive difficulties attached to these suffocating high standards of style and appearance.


On the other hand, the Oman-based Reem Falaknaz will showcase her research into hymen repair remedies by documenting the myriad of insightful yet sometimes bothersome conversations with muftis, herbalists, sheikhs, doctors, as well as sorcerers. Through photos, edits and screenshots, her piece “If a hymen breaks and no one hears it” rubs salt in a vivid wound while opening a conversation many shy themselves away from.

Refreshing and important, the two trailblazers’ installation is one to make sure not to miss if ever in the UAE.

Swallow This! will run from March 8 – April 15, at Gulf Photo Plus in Aleserkal Avenue

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