Ralphs Club Dubai Fai Khadra

Fai Khadra Fronts Ralph Lauren’s Latest Campaign

The multi-hyphenate chats about his love for fragrances, and his earliest memories

Ralphs Club Dubai Fai Khadra

Whilst the norm for previous generations, carrying on with the same job for decades is a thing of the past for millennials. Fai Khadra is among those who challenge the previous status quo.

This is a conversation that me and Virgil would have often,” the multi-hyphenate told us. “We would always have these conversations about how we don’t feel like we have to abide by just one discipline and we can offer our perspective to all the different disciplines.”

Among his many disciples is modelling, and Khadra is currently lending his face to Ralph Lauren’s latest release, Ralph Club Eau De Parfum. 

And when he’s not in front of the camera, he’s off to one of his many gigs. Among them is DJing, set design and architecture. “Whether it was music or architecture or art or fashion, they’ve all kind of blended to me in a really kind of interesting way. And I think I’ve always been greatly influenced by each discipline,” he admits. 

When it comes to his latest stint with Ralph Lauren. The move only makes sense. Khadra takes after his Palestinian grandmother’s love for fragrances. “I have vivid memories of my childhood, of my grandma’s perfume. It smelled a certain way and I would go into her house and smell it. I can still smell it today. I think it’s some of the earliest memories I have. That’s the kind of the impact that perfume can have.” Khadra wasn’t shy to talk about his love for fragrances, discussing how he gravitates towards woody scents like Ralph’s Club when he’s heading out for a night of fun.

He stars in the campaign alongside his friends, namely Gigi Hadid and Luka Sabbat. And as it turned out, the campaign offered the friend group the chance to get together again for the first time after lockdowns. It turned out that the scent and the campaign, which was designed as a celebration of togetherness, wound up doing just that. 

“Even though they were worried for a moment that the concept might not make sense now that the world has changed so drastically from when they initially thought of it, it actually proved to be more, more important than ever, because we realized how much we actually depend and love and want to be together,” Khadra says. 

The young creative brought the togetherness mantra with him to Dubai too, hosting an evening to celebrate Ralph’s Club that saw Saudi artist Tamtam sing tunes to an intimate audience.

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