glitter fall make up

Off-White Makeup Artist Reveals Her Favourite Looks for Fall

Think velvety skin and colour-block eyeshadow

glitter fall make up

From the runways to editorials, Fara Homidi has been painting the famous faces of Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber Baldwin and Chloé Sevigny to name just a few. Her proudest coup? Doing the makeup for Off White FW17, her first Paris Fashion Week runway job.

“I have spent years perfecting the technique of skin looking untouched, yet flawless”, says makeup artist Fara Homidi, referring to her unwavering attention to detail.

“The small details in makeup can give me chills”, she says. “I spend hours trying to find and crush together colours and textures that excite me”. But when it comes to her personal preference, she likes it when she’s “almost bare or mostly sexy, very Kate Moss”, as she puts it.

With the plethora of looks we’ve seen saturate the catwalks and covers, identifying what’s in for fall isn’t easy. But don’t worry, we asked Homidi to round up her five best makeup ideas for the season.


“Clear, nude or red. I just feel like it makes everything look more modern and sleeker”


“Not dewy or shiny, but not dead matte either. More like a natural velvety texture; without a drop of highlighter!”


“Not your typical glitter eye. More like glitter-tears or glitters as an eye mask. For Off/White SS20 I placed glitter on the bridge of the nose and upper/lower inner corners.”


“Go big with colour, whether it’s a single bright colour or colour blocking, really give it to them.”


 “This is especially great paired with an expressionist eye. But regardless, I think there is something more modern and sophisticated about a full face of makeup, without mascara. Mascara can make things look basic again somehow.”

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