Farfetch and Balenciaga Just Dropped a Cruelty-Free Collection

The exclusive release is raising awareness about endangered species

It’s no secret that fashion has had quite a negative impact on the environment. While fast fashion has yet to slow down, it seems like luxury fashion is finally ready to lead the way in creating a more ethical and sustainable industry. At the forefront of this movement is Balenciaga and Farfetch.



The luxury fashion house has teamed up with the retail giant on the release of an exclusive new collection, ditching leather, fur and down.


Featuring ready-to-wear pieces, accessories and shoes for women, men and kids, the capsule collection features illustrations of endangered animal species symbolic of gentle strength, such as the North White Rhinoceros, the Asian elephant and the Giant Panda.


“Bringing awareness to threatened species and supporting the conservation actions of IUCN is part of our vision”, says Cédric Charbit, Chief Executive Officer of Balenciaga.




With major brands like Balenciaga adopting eco-friendly alternatives, we might just be witnessing be the beginning of an overdue movement.

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