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Wearable Art: Four Striking New Collaborations Between Artists and Designers

art meets attire

The fusion between fashion and art has a long and rich history. One of the earliest notable fashion/artist collaborations dates back to the early 20th century when French designer Paul Poiret worked with artists like Raoul Dufy to design fabrics. This marked one of the first times art directly influenced fashion in a significant way. In the 1930s, the relationship between fashion and art became even more iconic with Elsa Schiaparelli, a name synonymous with avant-garde fashion, and Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Together, they created pieces, like the famous Lobster Dress, that blurred the lines between wearable art and high fashion. These early examples set the foundation for the ongoing partnership between artists and fashion designers. Over the years, this collaboration has evolved, continually bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the runway and beyond. From Delvaux to Lanvin, here are some of the most striking recent collaborations between fashion houses and artists.

Delvaux X Kasper Bosmans

Delvaux, the oldest luxury leather goods house, and Belgian artist Kasper Bosmans teamed up on a series of leather accessories that double as a work of art. The idea of the collaboration was sparked after the CEO of Delvaux (and art connoisseur), Jean-Marc Loubier, came across Bosmans’ vibrant work during a visit to the WIELS Foundation in 2022. Impressed by what he saw, Loubier enlisted the young artist to infuse his creativity and talent into an exquisite series of meaningfully-designed handbags. Dubbed “Mutualism,” the collaborative range is a vibrant exchange that showcases the magic that can happen when two entities from opposite ends of the spectrum collide, celebrating the fusion of distinct worlds to forge something uniquely beautiful and profound.

Louis Vuitton X Sun Yitian

Renowned for her photorealistic depictions of toys and consumer goods, Chinese artist Sun Yitian brought her distinctive artistic vision to a playful collaboration with French luxury maison Louis Vuitton for its inaugural Voyager Show in Shanghai this April. The Beijing-based artist seamlessly merged her unique universe with the world of Louis Vuitton, transforming imagery of pink rabbits, yellow ducks, spotted dogs, leopards, zebras, penguins, and swans into a must-have lineup of leather goods, shoes, coats, skirts, windbreakers, t-shirts, and dresses from the Parisian label’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection. What’s more, the collaboration includes, for the first time, three fragrances adorned with animal the LV signature pendants that are housed in colorful packaging designed by Yitian.

Lanvin X Erwin Wurm

Lanvin Lab, launched in 2023, debuted with a collection designed by Atlanta rapper Future. Annually, this initiative invites creatives to experiment with and reinterpret Lanvin through their unique perspectives. For its second inaugural edition, Lanvin tapped contemporary artist Erwin Wurm to create a large-scale sculpture. Wurm is celebrated for his art that gives human qualities to everyday objects, turning them into whimsical figures. His sculpture, titled “Desire,” features two iconic Lanvin items—the Pencil Cat Bag and the Cash sneaker. The former is transformed into the torso of a humanoid figure, while the latter forms the base, extending into a pair of elongated legs. The artist explains that the piece draws inspiration from the idea of layering, a concept prevalent both in sculpture and fashion.

Max&Co. X Pietro Terzini

Italian artist Pietro Terzini is celebrated for his uplifting word art, which gained significant acclaim and a devoted following during the pandemic. Leveraging the expansive reach of Instagram, Terzini’s art—often humorous, poignant, and clever—has resonated deeply with a wide audience, offering insightful reflections on our lives, times, and culture. His work has recently caught the attention of Max&Co, who have enlisted the artist to create (what they call) “wearable memes.” Witty phrases like “I’m Gonna Give You The Wrong Phone Number,” “If You Wanna Steal My Bag You Gotta Steal My Heart Too,” and “Long Story Very Short” are splashed across t-shirts, handbags, and skirts, to make a literal statement.

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