I AM GIA taking a selfie

7 Types of Fashion People You Find On Instagram

To follow, or unfollow

I AM GIA taking a selfie

There are so many life-enhancing features that have been introduced by Instagram over the last year. The introduction of IG face filters means we can all look anatomically perfect with the swipe of a finger, the ‘close friends’ feature means you can live your best finsta life but from your main account – and the most important one of all – the ‘mute stories’ button means you can still follow people you’re socially obliged to follow without having to be irritated by their posts. 

If you’re a fan of fashion, you’ll know that the industry is a complex web of creativity that spans the entire globe. You’ll also know that it’s full of some extremely divisive characters – and for all its worth – some of them are worth unfollowing.

Here are 7 types of fashion people you find on Instagram.

The ‘street style’ person
Every single photo they post is constructed to look ‘candid’ – but what they fail to mention is that they were stood infront of that pastel coloured wall for two painful hours trying to get the right shot – and their best friend hates them for it.

The person who is endlessly gifted
No, I’m not being salty, no-one needs to see your endless ‘thank you’ posts for the ugly sample room leftovers that the brand gifted you.

The Virgil Abloh fanboy
Usually spotted wearing a mixture of Off-White, Virgil for Vuitton and Off-White for Nike. Yes, Virgil’s contribution to fashion has been applaudable – but no we are not going to treat him like the Patron saint of style.

The Antwerp Six worshipper
Decked head-to-toe in deconstructed Ann Demeulemeester, Raf or Dries – they consider themselves a deeply intellectual follower of fashion (but are usually trolled on fashion meme accounts). 

The Hypebeast YouTuber
They share Vlogs of themselves wearing anything that appears on High Snobiety or Hypebeast (hello Bape, Jordans, Palm Angels, Anti Social Social Club) and have zero sense of personal style. 

The I.AM.GIA girl
Whether she’s wearing those slinky cut-out trousers she spotted on Euphoria, or just the cut-away top she saw Kylie Jenner wear. If it’s I.AM.GIA – she’s wearing it. 

The tag-every-brand-in-my-post person
Just because you tagged Acne and Margiela, don’t act like they gave you that extremely expensive outfit that made you unable to afford your rent this month.

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