One of Fashion’s Biggest Photographers Wants to Make You Go Viral

Mert Alas sets an Instagram quarantine contest like no other

For freelancers, Coronavirus comes with even greater instability—particularly for young creatives who are just starting out. While we’re all stuck at home, living paycheck to paycheck, worries are starting to mount around running out of money. 

Iconic photographer Mert Alas (one half of the duo Mert and Marcus), who is famed for his countless Vogue covers and campaigns for Burberry, Missoni and Versace decided it was his turn to give back and bring joy to his fans during lockdown. 

He took to his Instagram to ask his 1.4 million followers to take part in an “ARTGAME” –an online photographic contest where Mert becomes your mentor. A concept and mood is announced on Instagram and all you need to do is execute it and send him the final result. If he likes it, Mert will edit your picture and share it on his Instagram, where your photo will be shared with the countless leading industry figures and celebrities who follow him.

You might come out of quarantine with a photography agent or even land a magazine cover. This is your chance to make your work go viral. Seize it.

Curious to know which photographers already made the list? Here’s a selection of Mert’s favourite submissions to date.

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