Festivals To Get Excited About This Year

Partying hard!


It’s official, it’s summer time, and we here at MILLE are feeling the party! Like most of us, we’re itching for a holiday, good vibes, better music and some time to unwind and go crazy for a few days.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most sought after parties in the region for you and your friends to have the perfect experience. Check them out, book the tickets, let us know the stories! (Pics or it didn’t happen) With no further ado we’re going to kick off with…

Chill Opposite, Egypt 

Starting in 2017, the festival based in the hippish seaside city of Dahab has grown from strength to strength. The event prides itself on having a clean and environmentally friendly atmosphere, offering obviously *chill* vibes. It’s a must attend event. This year occuring a little later than usual in late September, perfect to reminisce on summer loving.

Oasis Festival, Morocco


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Set to take place again in late September, the festival is famous for having something for everyone, whether it’s the avid part goer, or the more relaxed chilled out crew, who just wants to find somewhere quiet to relax and do their own thing. If you’re in Morocco this summer you know where to go, tickets usually sell fast so be sure to book as soon as they drop.

MDLBeast, Saudi Arabia



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With the success of the 2021 iteration it’s plain to see that this year is only going to moving on to bigger and better things. Taking place at the end of the year in the capital of Riyadh, you know exactly what to expect, the vibes are gonna be right, and it’s gonna be night of pure uncut fun Saudi style, and we love it! 

Shubbak Festival, London

shubbak festival

Fair, London isn’t exactly ‘regional’ by any stretch of the imagination. However if you find yourself anywhere in the vicinity of London, it’s definitely worth a check out! Expect a lot more art and culture than the aforementioned festivals, imagine Shubbak to be your home away from home!

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