Fortnite to Host World’s First Video Game Art Exhibition

New Fiction: Throwing bridges to a new generation

World-renown artist Kaws is taking a step into the digital realm with his newest exhibition entitled New Fiction. For those of you who already follow Kaws, you will recognise his unique sculptures featuring his now-famous characters and his amazing pop-art inspired paintings.

Kaws and the London-based Serpentine Gallery teamed up with Accute Art, an application designed to bring AR technology into the Art World. Some sections of the gallery are intentionally left empty to entice patrons to make use of the application in order to experience something digital even within the physical gallery itself. 

“Being able to create works, and the version that I’m viewing in Brooklyn is the version you could be viewing in India, I just started to get really obsessed with the opportunities within that,” Kaws recently said in an interview. 

Showcasing his world-recognised characters with their signature Xs for eyes physically in London and digitally via playing Fortnite, will give millions of gamers a chance to experience a new art exhibition live.

“It’s the first time they walk around a space like that, experiencing painting and sculpture in the video game that they’re completely comfortable in and used to.” said Kaws.

Briian Donnelly (A.K.A KAWS), is no stranger to Fortnite, however, hardcore gaming fans will remember Halloween 2021 when they saw the ‘Skeleton companion’ skin which allowed players to wear one of Donnelly’s characters as an in-game outfit.

As art makes the shift from the physical realm into the digital, it opens up many more possibilities for the new generations to experience and create. However when asked about NFT’s Donnelly said “I haven’t felt the piece or [had] the thought that made me think, ‘This is the right thing to make one for.’ ”

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