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Egypt’s Most Iconic Library is Putting 200,000 Books Online For Free

Bibliotheca Alexandrina at your fingertips

book shelves

Bibliotheca Alexandrina stands as one of Egypt’s biggest cultural centres, with its massive (and stunning) 20,000 square metre complex housing over eight million books, four museums, and four art galleries. With coronavirus having brought it to a close, the historic library is now going digital

The library has now uploaded a whopping 200,000 books from its collection online. All of which are accessible through the library’s Digital Assets Repository.

This decision is in line with the global trend that encourages the access to cultural and artistic events using social media platforms, especially at these critical circumstances,” said Dr. Moustafa Elfeki, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s director. 

And in an effort to further engage, the library is also publishing a backlog of documentaries, concerts and conferences they’ve previously held on a newly launched YouTube channel. 

You can expect a selection of films on some of the Arab world’s most iconic figures, from documentaries diving into the lives of iconic artist Farouk Hosni, to the former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser.

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