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6 Online Courses That’ll Teach You What School Didn’t

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the rise of social movements during the past couple of years, it’s that the systems our societies operate on today are and have been flawed. 

From environmental crises to social justice issues, it’s become clear we need much more than just behavioural change, we need systemic change. If we’re ever to achieve that, we’ll need to operate on the foundational level—starting with education . 

It’s become clear: sustainability, gender equality, justice, health, human rights and inclusion need to be placed at the heart of school curriculums in order for us to have a chance at building a future generation that will not only have the knowledge but also the power and tools to dismantle the failed systems that exist in our societies today. 

Leading by example, a number of foundations and universities have been working on such educational programs, making them available online for free and for everyone across the globe. If you too want to create positive change in the world, these are six free online classes you can enroll in.

Social Change: How Can Marketing Help?

We all know that marketing can influence you to make a purchase but can it push for positive social change? This course explores how marketing can tackle social problems, improve healthcare and even protect the environment through altering behaviours.

Fashion And …

A collection of one-hour-long classes which explore fashion in relation to colonialism, waste, culture, spirituality, resistance, prison labor, cultural heritage, sexual and reproductive health, gender, and Black representation. The classes are live streamed by The Slow Factory as part of their Open Edu initiative, an equity-centered BIPOC-taught education program for BIPOC and end with a Q&A for further explanations. The Spring semester is currently ongoing and if you happen to miss a class, you can find them all on replay.

Sustainability Literacy

Also part of the Open Edu initiative, the four-part crash course led by The Slow Factory founder Celine Semaan is the class you need before diving into any conversation about sustainability. From exploring sustainability’s tight connection with colonialism to introducing waste-led and equity-centered design models, these classes are your starting point for building sustainable and ethical systems in your future ventures.

The Health Effects of Climate Change

The course is an insight into how climate change impacts people around the globe and how it directly affects our life. By looking at air quality, nutrition, infectious diseases, and human migration, you will understand the health effects of global warming and learn about ways to take action.

Exploring Body Neutrality and Body Image with Jameela Jamil

This class is the self-love 101 we all need. With actress and activist Jameela Jamil, you will unlearn the negative ways society has programmed us to perceive our body and how to dismantle feelings of shame and unworthiness. It tackles issues like eating disorders, low self-esteem, and associated mental health issues while exploring the concept of body neutrality and what sets it apart from body positivity.

Sustainability in Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

If you’re an aspiring architect, this course will help you implement sustainability into your work. You will learn to evaluate the sustainability performance of buildings from materials and assess energy use as well as develop integrated design and business models.

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