Arab Tiktokers

The Funniest Arab TikTokers to Follow Right Now

They’ve taken over.

Arab Tiktokers

Yes, Clubhouse might be taking over, but TikTok remains one of the most downloaded apps in the region—and for good reason.  

With accounts amassing millions of followers, Arab TikTokers are making waves across the app, and they’re not just making baked feta pasta. They’re the reason Mohamed Ramadan’s ‘Bum Bum’ reached global recognition (the song now counts 216 million views on YouTube), Issam Najjar’s ‘Hadal Ahebek’ became a number one hit around the world, not to mention, they gave us the epic Nancy Ajram remix of ‘WAP’

But it’s not just music that Arab TikTokers are putting on the spotlight, if there’s one thing they do best: it’s light-hearted, addictively relatable humour. Hilarious Arab parents memes, Ramadan and Eid jokes, and traditional dance parodies, they do it all.

If you’re looking to get familiar, here are 9 funniest Arab TikTokers to follow.


@saifshawaf#stitch with @cotd365 There’s no way! #fyp #egypt #egyptian #lifehacks #funfact♬ original sound – Saif

Syrian-Canadian Saif Shawaf has been taking TikTok by storm with his zaffe remix of pop hits like WAP and Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar and. His latest videos dubbed ‘There’s no way’ trying out seemingly impossible cooking hacks are hilarious.


@maisvaultTelling my #arabmom i want a dog #tiktokarabcreators♬ original sound – Mai

Hailing from Egypt but living in New York City, Mai’s TikToks portray everything classic Arab mothers are.


@egyptianprince98 S/O @Annaqah for their amazing thobes…also enjoy this Ramadan treat #fyp ♬ خلطات جدتي – خلطات جدتي | KHALTAT GDTY

When it comes to hilarious Muslim facts, Omar Ashry is your guy.


@aberhaam4 in the morning??? #arab #fyp #okmomma♬ original sound – aberhaam

Aberhaam’s mom is an indispensable part of his TikToks, from pranks and spelling lessons to typical Arab mom facts.


@subhi.tahauncles always here w the entertaining delivery to an actually important message gotta love em ♥️ #arab #palestine #muslim♬ original sound – subhi.taha

Subhi Taha retells what it means to be Muslim American, and it’s his hilarious take on the diaspora that got us hooked. His culturally-based comedy, which takes off his Palestinian-Filipino background, is relatable for all Muslim communities across the world.


@shabsheekHow do you say Hamburger?! @alyemad #fyp #egypt #shabsheek #cairo #tiktokegypt #arab #tiktokarab #fob♬ original sound – Shab Sheek

Who still hasn’t seen Shabsheek’s viral TikTok ‘My sister married a white guy’? Follow him for more hilarious TikToks from him and his boy’s squad.


@andrewriad1When I tell u this trend was MAAAAAAADE for me I have like 102929 moments for this #andrewsyalahwis #tiktokarab #dancewithPUBGM♬ presleywalker – PresleyWalker

Facts, facts and more facts! The Egyptian Tiktoker’s unfiltered content portrays what it’s like to be Arab, Egyptian and Christian.


@ozikoyReply to @thatbeamer I don’t understand why he was laughing #foryou #fyp #prank #dad #funny #viral♬ original sound – KOY

Few people do dad pranks like Ozikoy.


@arabicmclovinTag a friend who does this #fyp♬ original sound – Arabic McLovin

Sharing his pet peeves, pranking his friends and getting roasted by his sister, Arabic McLovin does it all.

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