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10 Unexplainable Things All Arab Parents Do

From covering the remote control to yelling on the phone

Growing up with Arab parents, our home turf things can sometimes get complicated. We tend to grow up close to our parents, and family integrity can be pressuring. But although navigating all of this can cause anxiety, there is plenty to laugh at when it comes to our Arab parents

These are the best unexplainable things (our beloved) Arab parents do.

1. Moms yelling on the phone because they’re calling family back home

When will Arab moms finally understand there’s no link between voice volume and long distances on the phone?

2. Storing spice mixes in the Nutella jar

Overcoming that disappointment was hard.

3. The cookie box / sewing kit

Can someone explain once and for all why Arab moms use that same British biscuit box to store their sewing kits.

4. The plastic covered TV remote control

Remove that plastic cover and watch what happens.

5. The fancy living room where only guests can sit

You know the struggle is really real when you’re also not allowed to use the bathroom towels. 

6. The stomach ache remedy

This is how homeopathy is practiced in the Middle East.

7. Mothers insisting on doing things alone but complaining about doing things alone

Arab moms will forever be a mystery.

8. The invented rhyming pun

Excuse me?

9. Mothers calling daughters mama, and fathers calling their sons baba

Who else felt really awkward having to explain to white friends why parents call us by their titles?

10. Insulting themselves in order to curse us

Arab parents are soooo dramatic.

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