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A dad and his son wearing traditional gulf clothes

7 Things Arab Parents All Say

‘'You went out yesterday so you can't go out today”

A dad and his son wearing traditional gulf clothes

There are plenty of differences between Christians, Muslims and Jews, but nothing unites the region more than our unequivocal Arabness. Regardless of what faith you belong to (or lack thereof), growing up with Arab parents means you’ve grown up accustomed to their (sometimes irrational) thought processes.

Growing up, the word ‘inshallah’ became synonymous with ‘no’, and the word ‘3eib’ was used to describe pretty much anything you ever did. Obviously that’s not all Arab parents have to offer, their unconditional love and support is unparalleled. But that doesn’t mean their occasional (and often hilarious) unreasonableness isn’t worth poking fun at. 

Whether you’re still living at home, or away and want to reminisce, here are a few things that we’ve all heard our Arab parents say. 

‘You went out yesterday so you can’t go out today”
Because fun is inexplicably limited to one day per week. 

“No one helps me in this house”
Despite the fact that you offered to help 10 minutes ago. 

“Why aren’t you married yet”
Maybe because I wasn’t allowed to date until you asked me this question. 

“Allah is always watching”

“We have plenty of food at home”
Because apparently all restaurants are garbage. 

“You never spend time at home”
After going out for your allotted ‘fun day’ per week. 

“Why don’t they come here?”
Because I’m not actually going to my friend’s house.

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