Gen Z is More Than Just Socially-Conscious

Meet the dorkiest generation yet.


Yes, Gen Z might be best described as the most socially-conscious generation. But they’ve just scored another descriptor: dorky. 

No, we’re not talking about the nerdy film trope. Bloomberg just declared the generation “adorkable,” and it has everything to do with their authenticity. 

Adorkables are a growing gang of disruptive brands that deftly target Gen Z with a jarring visual aesthetic and an authentic emotional appeal,” explained visual journalist Ben Schott.

It only makes sense, unlike their predecessors, Gen Z is anything but ashamed of being different. They’re not desperately trying to hide their acne or stretch marks, nor do they have respect for the status quo. 

While millennials dream of well-curated feeds, Gen Z’s are completely unfiltered, full of make-up free selfies, and messy backdrops. In short: Gen Z is a generation that has put self-acceptance and authenticity above all else.

Of course, the Gen Z archetype didn’t escape the attention of companies who have now developed ‘adorkable’ brand identities, solely to attract Gen Zers. Case in point: Starface.


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As Schott explains, the vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand has been leading the acne positivity movement promoting self-consciousness and realism. 

Their IG feed is effortless, funny and adorkable, filled with memes, jokes and political statements. Unlike beauty brands of the past, Starface’s Instagram puts acne front and centre. 


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Think of their IG feed as a safe space for everyone to exist.

Starface, like other pro-acne brands, have doubled down on the acne positivity movement, and Gen Z is at the centre of it all. Started by Lou Northcote’s 2018 #freethepimple campaign, acne is officially the norm.


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Une publication partagée par STARFACE (@starface)

In the last few years, body positivity became at the forefront of beauty campaigns. A new wave of models and influencers are de-stigmatizing the conversation around body size, shape and imperfections, rejecting the idealized beauty standards of thin silhouettes and perfectly smooth skin of the past.

All in all, Gen Z has proved once again that they are industry disruptors and change leaders.


Main image Courtesy of Starface

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