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Gigi Hadid Was Arrested For Marijuana Possession in Cayman Islands

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Part-Palestinian supermodel and Next In Fashion co-host Gigi Hadid, born Jelena Noura Hadid, has reportedly been arrested for marijuana possession whilst on holiday in the Cayman Islands, according to TMZ. The 28-year-old cat-walker, who’s been rumored to be cozying up with multi-award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio in recent weeks, was allegedly taken into detention after officers claimed to have discovered “utensils used for the consumption of ganja” as well as a small stash in the LA-born model’s suitcases at Owen Roberts International Airport on July 10 when they scanned her luggage at airport customs. 

According to a local media outlet, Hadid and her best friend, 29-year-old influencer Leah McCarthy, “disembarked and were processed by a Customs and Border Control Office, including the scanning of their luggage; (…) During the search of their luggage, ganja and utensils used for the consumption of ganja were found in the luggage of both passengers; (…) The quantities were relatively small and were seemingly for personal consumption.” 

With plans to put her feet up with her her best friend in the British Overseas Territories, the duo, who traveled by private jet, were charged with suspicion of importation of illegal substances and utensils and subsequently transported to a prisoner detention center for legal processing before leaving on bail, pending a ruling on the case by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

Finally, on July 12, Hadid and McCarthy appeared in Summary Court, where they chose to plead guilty. After thoughtful consideration, the judge handed down a modest fine of $1,000 to each of them, thankfully sparing them from a permanent conviction.


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In her defense, Hadid’s representatives told E! News that their client “was traveling with marijuana purchased legally in NYC with a medical license,” although the specific regulations regarding the transportation of marijuana were seemingly not fully understood at the time of her journey.

Hadid is yet to have addressed the situation publicly, however, the pair appeared detached and unperturbed online, sharing snapshots of their holidays as if nothing had happened, indulging in picturesque scenery, sunny views, and cherished moments of relaxation.

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