GmBH Pay Tribute to the Middle Eastern Art of Falconry

The cult Berlin-based label continue to push boundaries

GmbH—the Berlin-based label by Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Serhat Isik—have built a sturdy reputation for their non-conformist designs since 2016. The design duo beats to their own drum when it comes to references, and their unconventional designs gain all the more clarity through their campaigns.



In interviews the duo often discuss “brown culture”, and emphasize their desire to be viewed as a global brand that celebrates diversity. For their SS18 collection, they looked to their ethnic identities and migrant experience (Husby’s father hails from Pakistan, and Isik’s from Turkey) and exclusively cast second-generation immigrants as models.


They’ve just released their latest campaign for their AW18 collection, and once again, they looked to their Middle Eastern origins—this time taking inspiration from oil wrestling and falconry—sports widely cherished in the region.



While their previous campaign reflected on their personal identities, this collection is an ode to anyone who’s felt different. “It is an anthem against the increasing hostility we currently have been feeling, whether it’s for being brown, Muslim, gay, trans or somewhat ‘other,” they told Dazed.



And their effort to visualize their idea didn’t fall short. Shot by Huseby, the campaign is a stunning tribute to Middle Eastern tradition, all the while celebrating otherness and honing in on inclusivity.

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