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Going on Holidays In The Summer Is Overrated, Here’s Why

it’s all about finessing when the right time calls for it

Summer really is the time to shine, as after ten long months of slaving away behind a desk in a grim and dull office, the return of warm temperatures signals a much-needed temporary break in our busy routines. As warm weather season approaches, we are finally able to, and most importantly keen on, taking some time off to fully embrace the freedom the outdoors provide, and soak up some sun for as long as our number of leave days allow.

But, as we are all lining up to book our next getaway, it’s worth asking ourselves whether the hassle of booking a hotel room to squeeze in a few days by the beach is really the right thing now— especially as prices are only increasing the closer we reach the summer solstice.

Realistically, who needs to fly overseas when life is so comparatively good at home from June all the way up to September? If you’re overworked, just go for a walk around town and grab a warm cup of coffee or a refreshing cool drink at any street corner you find yourself in, while enjoying the sun sink down. Worried about your workload? Half of your team is probably cramped up on an overcrowded rooftop in Santorini trying to fit into one selfie. Trust us, the last issue on their mind is to know whether you’ve reached your KPIs of the day or not.

Even seasonal depression feels better during the summer. What’s worse than feeling low on a frigid, wintery night, layered up in duvets, turtlenecks, and scarves watching the sky pour itself out? Most people you know can’t be bothered to leave their house when temperatures dip below freezing, and the mere idea of having to brave it through a snow, rain, or a wind storm just sounds unnecessary. In the summer, however, it’s the complete opposite. Every street and avenue turns into a playground of its own, coming alive with laughter, music, and friendly (or romantic, if you’re lucky) dates simply sitting on a bench chain-smoking cigarettes, indulging in ice cream, and sharing stories until you can’t think of any anymore.

The true key to happiness over the summer might just lie in staying away from social media so you can avoid watching every one of your friends or influencers you follow post an illusionary picture, a filtered video, or a carefully-crafted caption of them on a bender somewhere around the world. Call us killjoys, or maybe even jealous if you want, but no one needs to have to indulge in that when you’re left behind at home — especially when deep down you know that it’s just a tiny snapshot of a probably nightmarish holiday fueled by never-ending arguments and tourist traps.

What’s more, going on vacation during the winter usually ends up being much more affordable than during the summer. Yes, perhaps it’s due to temperatures not being as high as one would normally like, but at least when the weather cools down, Marrakech has had the time to empty itself out of its seasonal tourists, resulting in prices around town drastically dropping so you can have a much smoother experience overall. The price tags of flights, accommodation, and going out are slashed in half, and in our books we call that a win.

All we’re trying to say is that finessing, whether it be happiness or traveling on a budget, is a delicate art that requires some level of patience and opportunism. And in this case, staying home over the summer might be the loophole for an overload of dopamine all year round, because true peace of mind does not lie in the grandeur of extravagant adventures, but in the appreciation of simple pleasures and the moments of bliss that can be found in the everyday.

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