Abdelhussein Abdelredha

Google Celebrates the Life of Kuwaiti Icon Abdelhussein Abdelredha

Remembering a legend

Abdelhussein Abdelredha

On this day, some 83-years-ago, a legend was born in the Gulf Emirate of Kuwait. Abdelhussein Abdelredha , the now iconic entertainer, started his career as a printmaker in Kuwait governmental ministries, studying the craft in both Germany and Egypt, before making his way into the entertainment industry.

Fondly remembered by many across the region for not only his acting skills, but also singing and monologues, solidifying his place as the godfather of Kuwaiti comedy, going on to produce more than 30 plays and television programs, he specialized in the tragi-comedy, using it as a way to highlight significant societal concerns.

His over 50 year career is marked by some stand out acting roles include Darb Al Zalaq (1977), Dars Khososi (1981), and Al Hailha (2003). The most interesting of which recounts a role in which he received praise for playing Saddam Hussein in the 80’s. Then, as a cruel twist of fate, in 1992 on his way to one of the performances of Sword of the Arabs, a play about the invasion of Kuwait, he narrowly evaded an assassination attempt.

The final appearance of Abdelredha on our screens was during Ramadan 2017 when he acted in the MBC’s Selfie 3. He passed away in August of the same year at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. Almost fulfilling the story of his most well-known comedy, Bye Bye London, where affluent Arabs try to settle in England’s capital.

The commemorative Google Doodle was drawn by Ahmed Al-Refaie a Kuwaiti illustrator and resident, known as @Owaikeo on social media.

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