Green Bar: Bahrain’s All-Natural Beauty Brand

Ancient Middle Eastern beauty rituals are back

Natural beauty products are anything but new to the Arab world. The region is home to a number of ingredients—from Morocco’s akker fassi, to the Arabian Peninsula’s miswak—that have been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries.

And while we may have strayed away from our ancestor’s beauty practices, recent years have seen a move back towards them. It’s officially time to throw away the chemical-ridden products that fill up our shelves.

This is where Green Bar comes in. The Bahraini company is now making waves with their all-natural beauty regiments. Inspired by the age-old Middle Eastern rituals we’ve all grown up around, Reem Al Khalifa founded Green Bar in 2006 as a way of getting closer to her roots.

The brand strictly uses natural ingredients—all of which are sourced by Al Khalifa herself—which she uses to create a myriad of products, ranging from an Aleppo soap made as a tribute to the fallen city using an ancient Syrian recipe, to Sumur honey straight from Yemen’s desert Sumur trees, to a Pearl Powder inspired by Bahraini divers who once crushed pearls and applied them to their eyes in order to alleviate the burns from the salty sea waters.

Most important to Al Khalifa’s business is its historical value. When sourcing ingredients, the Bahraini entrepreneur looks towards the natives that have a certain appreciation towards them that might otherwise be lost, and not least, expert knowledge that an outsider wouldn’t have.

An environmentalist at heart, Al Khalifa also runs a blog to go along with her site. In it, the graphic designer-turned-beauty expert jots down tips and tricks, giving her clients insight into the health benefits of raw honey, juice recipes, and why you should add bone broth to your beauty routine.

So, if you’re looking to make the move towards an all-natural beauty regimen, be sure to take a look at Green Bar. To help get you started, MILLE rounds up some of our favorite products.

Activated Pearl Toner

106 AED / 29 USD

Frankincense Honey

193 AED / 52 USD

Exfoliating Cellular Cleanser

222 AED / 60 USD

Enlighten with Almond and Amber Body Oil

154 AED / 42 USD

Blue Green Tulsi Balm

125 AED /  34 USD

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