Gucci Introduces New Line for Pets So You Can Match With Your Furry Friends

Good news, your pets can also wear designer


If us humans are allowed to wrap ourselves in some of the world’s most luxurious fabrics and elevated designs, why should our pets not be granted the same five-star treatment? That’s exactly what Gucci is trying to do with its latest launch. The Italian house is extending its already rich range of offerings as they have just released an introductory line tailored specifically for your furry companions. 

With the new collection, Gucci is proving, once again, that it’s not afraid of venturing into uncharted territories of fashion and style. From branded collars and harnesses in plain leather to leashes and feeding bowls, the Florence-born brand shows promising signs of howling success with this detailed and meticulously stitched selection of accessories. 

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What’s more, the high-end label designed a line of wearables for your four-legged friends to wear, meaning they can become your perfect fashion companion. From mini floral polos and colorful T-shirts to knitwear and coats covered in Gucci’s ubiquitious interlocking G logo, the new collection creates endless opportunities for matching looks for owners and their pets. 

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The Gucci Pet Collection features items made of recycled polyester, recycled cotton, or Demetra, Gucci’s revolutionary material that was launched in June 2021 after two years of in-depth in-house research and development. Solidifying the house’s commitment to sustainability, this line is, as you can expect, animal cruelty-free and mainly composed of bio-based materials and resources. 

Watch out Choupette, you have competition.

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