Gucci Takes Over Ramadan Game Nights

From Iftar to Suhoor

Whilst a time for self-discipline and contemplation, Ramadan is also filled with lighthearted fun. Each year with family and friends evening hangouts come treasured memories of game nights. From the cherished Arosti (a regional version of I spy with my little eye), to board games like Backgammon or Carrom, and lastly card games like tarneeb and rummy –we’ve all lost track of the hours until suhoor while getting a little competitive. 

Gucci Ramadan Hi Res Fayez

This year, Gucci and MILLE are bringing their own spin to the Ramadan tradition featuring some of the region’s biggest names and rising stars, the film sees Saudi actor Fayez Bin Jurays, Lebanese actress Razane Jammal, Egyptian actress Shereen Reda, Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak, DJ and television personality Karrouhat, and Emirati fashion duo the twins Mohammed and Humaid Hadban take part. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without one of the region’s most prolific and successful screenwriter Tamir Habib and a special appearance by Dana Boulos who directed the series.

Gucci Ramadan Hi Res RazaneGucci Ramadan Hi Res Saba

Fresh off his leading role as Omar in mega successful show Rashshash, Bin Jurays is seen alongside his star-studded cast leading one of the games on this one-of-a-kind Ramadan night. Beirut-born Razane Jammal, who starred in the Netflix Original Paranomal and is set to join the cast of DC Universe’s The Sandman, does not shy away from showcasing her fun spirit in the film, either. Saba Mubarak, who you probably recognize from her films and series Balqis Moga Harra, and Al Ahd, made sure to bring in the theatrics, and of course her love for theatre and poetry.

Gucci Ramadan Hi Res Basil 2
And it’s Shereen Reda who kicks off the show. The actress, whose decades-long filmography includes the classic Hassan Lawl alongside the late Ahmed Zaki and the more recent Luxor, is adamantly Ramadan game night’s biggest enthusiast—like all of us.

Gucci Ramadan Hi Res Adham

Of the games played by the cast, it’s the one on poetry that stands out most—featuring the art of Arabic poetry, the film stands as a remarkable ode to one of the region’s most cherished art forms. That, and as an important reminder of the treasured memories of the family hangouts we’ve all grown to love.



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 The Ramadan series features the latest capsule by Gucci named Nojum (stars), a luxurious spin on Ramdan dressing featuring caftans, separates, and limited edition pieces for men and women.

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Creative Direction: Sofia Guellaty

Directed by: Dana Boulos 

Photography: Prod Antzoulis

Director of photography: Quentin de Lamarzelle

Set Design: Ibento

Script: Tamer Habib

Music: Omar Aloulou


Aamir Naveed (Hair)
Betty Bee (Hair)
Melanie Meyer (Hair & Makeup)
Kasia Domanska (Makeup)
Rebecca Doney (Makeup)
Nikita Sharma (Gucci Makeup)

Special thanks to Gucci beauty.



Saba Mubarak

Shereen Reda 

Razane Jammal

Fayez Bin Jurays

Adam Bakri


Twins Hadban

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