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Is Gucci Becoming the Ultimate Collaborator?

Guccdidas? Adducci? Either way, we’re here for it

Adidas Gucci

Another week, another collaboration. This time around, it’s Gucci and Adidas. The past few seasons have witnessed collabs become the new trending currency with historic labels proving to be more than just keen on weaving their monograms together. 

From Fendi and Versace, to Balenciaga and Gucci, major brands that have managed to see eye to eye and work on unexpected collections together. And by the looks of it, they’re not slowing down.  

Met with more or less success each time a joint line hits the runway, the Italian house of Gucci is seemingly ready to make collaborative collections a fully-fledged element of both the brand’s essence and ethos. 

Having already joined forces with Balenciaga and The North Face last year, what came out as rumors at first has now been confirmed as, Gucci is already in the works.  The Italian label called on the three-striped Adidas label to give birth to a promising partnership that quickly had the internet talking.

Launched on the runway of the ongoing Milan Fashion Week, the presented collection is wrapped in a retro-chic aesthetic that fans of the 1990s vintage era will surely  appreciate. Some emblematic pieces from both brands were revisited and granted a revamp through the stamping of each label’s signature logos and features. 

The collection saw the iconic Adidas Gazelle sneaker revised with elevated fabrics while lavishly covered in Gucci’s distinguished “GG” tag. 

Accessories were also a major part of the collection, including leather gloves, knit caps and various types of headwear.

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