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Gucci Unveils its First Global Campaign Shot and Produced in the Arab World

A step forward for representation

Taking its name from the Arabic word for stars, Gucci has just revealed its latest collection titled “Nojum” just in time for one of the most cherished time of the year in our region. Exclusively shot and produced in Dubai, which marks a first in the Italian fashion house’s history, the ready-to-wear line— which will be available worldwide— seeks to bring the warm and joyful aspects of the holy month of Ramadan.

Boasting a rich offering ranging from shoes to bags, belts, dresses, shirts, and more, the luxury brand explored the ins and outs of this unique moment of the year by honoring it through the extensive use of festive colors, and elegant silhouettes. Eclectic and vibrant, the collection makes reference to the beautiful lights emanating from the dark-night sky.

This campaign features the most recognizable Arab and Muslim models of the year namely Nora Attal, Ali Latif, Malika El Maslouhi, and Ibrahima Diaw, who are shot by Lebanese Sudanese photographer Dana Boulos.

Having Arabs and Africans behind and in front of the camera for the celebration of the holy month, marks a great shift in representation in mainstream media and fashion. Seeing the global campaign come to life is a strong catalyst for change in an industry that has for far too long disregarded the Arab World and African continent.

The collective efforts seen through this production are only the tip of the iceberg of years of work with the luxury world. Attal, Maslouhi, Latif and Diaw, the faces of this campaign, put their heritage at the forefront to represent the diversity and inclusion that fashion is in need of. Finally casting a light on this part of the world, Gucci is carving a new path in the world of fashion. A path where there is space for everyone.

Production MILLE World
Photography Dana Boulos
Creative Direction Sofia Guellaty

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