Hana Tajima Joins Forces with Uniqlo on Modest Collection

Think muted earth tones meets functionality

Known for her chic, modest aesthetic, there’s never been better a match for a Uniqlo collaboration than Hana Tajima.


The British-Japanese designer is no stranger to the world of modesty. Having created her first hijab for the retail giant in 2015, this year marks their seventh collaboration. But the range has grown past headscarves to include everything from tunics and long sleeve blouses to skirts and wide legged pants—all of which are loose, breezy and the perfect for the Middle East’s desert climate.


With a muted, earthy colour palette, the collection also includes outerwear, dresses and accessories, and of course her ultra-popular hijabs made with Uniqlo’s lightweight AIRism fabric.


The collection draws from Tajima’s own personal style, and to make this year’s drop all the more exciting, Tajima released a guide to styling the headscarves, to match her signature style.



The collection is available online now



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