Hassan Hajjaj Brings the Kitsch to Eyewear

A look into his Andy Wahloo x Poppy Lissiman collection


Hassan Hajjaj’s passion for using everyday objects goes beyond his critically-acclaimed artworks. It turns out, the Marrakesh-based artist is turning his eye towards design, taking inspiration from cheap-chic shops across the globe to create his first sunglasses collection.

Under his label Andy Wahloo, Hajjaj announced a partnership with Australian accessories designer Poppy Lissiman for a capsule sunglasses collection. Available in two different styles, the pieces are designed to “turn everyone who wears them into their own version of a rock-star” as described by the artist. 

I am very grateful to announce the launch of my collaboration between Andy Wahloo Apparel and Poppy Lissiman’s Australian accessories brand,” wrote Hajjaj on Instagram. To celebrate the launch, the artist brought along Moroccan collective Somnii Crew to star in the campaign. 

The ‘Camels’ pair are influenced by the legendary old school hip-hop style whilst the STOP SIGN take on the shape of the traffic stop sign and are inspired by global street culture. 

Both styles are adorned by the Khamsa symbol and the phrase ‘Andy Wahloo’—which translates to “I have nothing” in Arabic—on the temples. The phrase is an ode to the late Rachid Taha, who nicknamed Hajjaj ‘Andy Wahloo’ before his passing. Hajjaj went on to use the phrase as the name of his label.

The collection has been in the making for over two years and has already been worn by Billie Eilish and Imaan Hammam in editorials shot by Hajjaj for Vogue and Vanity Fair. .

Shop Andy Wahloo x Poppy Lissiman here

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