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Hassan Hajjaj is Back with a New Series of Limited Prints

The photographer is far from sending his farewells to the industry

Moroccan-born and England-bred Hassan Hajjaj has just revealed his newest project titled Yazid & Rania in a debut collection with the Amsterdam-based Avant Arte centre.

Launching September 10, the limited to 50 units print is beautifully carried in a handcrafted frame personally designed by the autodidactic artist. Using his apprentices as muses for the time of a snapshot, the freckled purple backdrop features two young Moroccan creatives who have been mentored by Hajjaj, namely Yazid Bezaz and Rania Malek, in traditional Moroccan clothing, and that have eponymously given their names to the photographer’s newest creation. 

“I picked this image of Yazid and Rania to represent this generation of Moroccans who inspire me. I’ve known Yazid’s family since before he was born and have watched him grow into this amazing young man who’s doing great stuff; I met Rania about six years ago when she was this very talented kid, and have seen her evolve as an artist in her own right. To me, they’re the perfect representation of the future. Yazid & Rania (2018/1439)  is an extension of My Rockstars but also sets the tone for work that I haven’t shown yet. I’m excited to share it with the Avant Arte community.” said Hassan in a statement. 

Very reminiscent of Hassan’s signature portraits using similar shades and aesthetics with internationally recognised celebrities such as Madonna or even Imaan Hammam to mention just them, this time, the Marrakechi places a bright onus on a new generation of talented individuals that could potentially be the architects of Morocco’s creative scene in a future that doesn’t seem that far any more. 

“When I was creating this edition with Avant Arte, I wanted to tell my story: about my Moroccan heritage and my body of work. But I also wanted to talk about the next generation: these young creatives coming up in the world,” he also added. “As it turns out, it’s not just young people who are learning from me, I learn so much from them: they are the future.”

Through a usual kitsch and very pop-influenced piece of visual art, Hassan Hajjaj draws a smart and subtle parallel towards him reaching (maybe) the epitome of his career while opening the door to those on the verge of starting their very own. Retailing at 1,500€, the few that will be able to afford a fragment of Hassan’s mind through this print can consider themselves lucky considering the rate they will be selling at.

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