Melanie El Turk

This Hijab Company is Donating Headscarves to Muslim Healthcare Workers

A major solution to the current PPE crisis

Melanie El Turk

Fashion companies all over the world have been making major efforts in the battle against coronavirus. With healthcare workers in short supply of masks, there’s been a growing need for a staggering amount of protective gear. 

Hijab company Haute Hijab is the latest to step up. The American company just announced they’ll be donating scarves to female healthcare workers on the frontlines. 

The company, spearheaded by its founder Melanie El Turk, has pledged to donate over 500 headscarves to hijab-wearing healthcare workers. With hijab-wearing nurses and doctors having to wash their headscarves after every use, there’s a crucial need for them to increase their hijab stock at home. 

El Turk began her campaign by donating 250 scarves, all of which were taken up by hijabi medical staff in less than 45-minutes.

When we announced our campaign to donate 250 Jersey Hijabs to medical workers on the frontlines of COVID-19 this morning, all 250 were spoken for in less than 45 minutes – which tells us there are hundreds if not thousands more who are putting themselves at risk.” El Turk said in a statement on Instagram.

“As a community, we Muslims make up a healthy portion of the healthcare profession and so many of our friends and family members are currently risking their lives with this pandemic. Having a fresh, sanitary hijab is one less thing they’ll have to worry about,” she continued.

They’ve since committed to sending out as many hijabs as needed by medical workers and have created a product page on her website for people to donate a hijab to them for just $20.

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