Here’s How A Missing Cat Turned Into a 40K Fine in Dubai

Some people are barking mad

An Egyptian man was recently sentenced to drop a hefty AED 40,000 in compensation ($10,890) to a Jordanian student residing in Dubai. The man was chasing after his missing cat before he ran into a 19-year-old student, who was walking his dog. He went on to strike the young man after he overheard the student telling his dog that the missing cat was scared of it.

The attacker ripped the victim’s jacket and shirt off and eventually tossed him to the ground. As a result, the dog rushed away from the house, disappearing for a few hours before making its way back the next day in a distressed state. 

According to the victim’s statement, the dog suffered from psychological issues following the violent encounter. The pet refused to eat or drink, triggering concern from his owner who took him to a veterinary clinic to check up on his health and make sure he was in a stable state. 

“My client was shamed by what happened and emotionally affected after he was assaulted in public in front of his residence,” said his lawyer, Mohammed Najeeb. “His dog, too, was affected. When the accident happened the dog ran away and disappeared for about 24 hours, then when found it refused to eat or drink and my client had to take it to a vet clinic.” he continued. 

When brought to court, the man confessed to the offences charged against him as he recognized attacking the victim. The two eventually found an agreement around a financial settlement while the accused was also ordered to pay AED 1,000 in legal fees. 


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