How Ghetto Gastro Took Over the Culinary World

Meet the Bronx-based collective killing the game

When it comes to the culinary world, few faces have ever made it into the counter culture lexicon. But thanks to social media, the obscurity of the food world is a thing of the past for today’s young chefs.

Enter Ghetto Gastro, the Bronx-based collective comprised of Jon Gray, Lester Walker, Pierre Serrao and Malcolm Livingston II. The Uptown natives have been redefining what it means to be a modern chef since their founding in 2012. But their mission goes beyond innovative gastronomy—and that’s what set them apart.

Together they’ve created a new formula for navigating the culinary world, blurring its lines and intersecting it with the worlds of art, fashion, and music in way that’s never been done before. The collective is behind the menus of some of the world’s most exclusive parties. From Pigalle at Art Basel Miami, to Paris for the launch of Cartier’s newest collection Clash De Cartier.


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If you’re not already impressed, their mission is a conscious one too. The collective is not just serving up a feast for Rick Owens’s thanksgiving party; they’re also bringing awareness to impoverished and marginalised communities.

At one event, a deconstructed apple pie dessert called ‘Black Bodies’ was served on plates featuring a chalk outline as a means of bringing attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

This new blueprint—and their achievements—emphasise the power of going against the grain and trusting you’re intuition.

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