How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home

A reliable guide to safe DIY haircuts

By now you’ve probably already considered cutting your own hair during quarantine –have you had the guts to actually do it? Probably not.

With hairdressers widely considered to be the last places to reopen – tackling your split ends with your own hands is fast becoming a reality. 

But before you try and cut your hair, it’s important to understand the do’s and don’ts of cutting your own hair. 

These are the seven essential (and simple) tips you need to follow in order to cut your hair at home properly. 

Use Professional Scissors
First things first, you need good tools if you want a good haircut. Never use kitchen or paper scissors; you will need sharp, professional scissors to cut your hair as well as a mirror (both hand-held and standalone and good lighting.

Cut Your Hair When It’s Dry
Wet hair might seem easier to deal with, but dry hair is much more reliable, particularly if your hair is wavy or curly. You need to approach your hair in its natural state and take the time you need to understand its shape and texture.

Cut Your Bangs Using a Triangle Section
If you want to cut your fringe, you need to take a triangle section in between your brows and bring that section forward. Take a deep breath and cut only a few millimetres. Never take a section wider than the end of the brows or you’ll take it too far back and only cut by small strands. 

Cut Your Ends Using The “Model Cut”
If you’re just looking to cut your split ends, take sections and twist your hair with one hand, and with the other pull your hair up to show the split ends. And with scissors, only cut those split in two. 

Cut Super-Long Hair
If your hair is super-long, divide it into two sections and bring one section forward at a time. Cut off the length you want and then follow with vertical snips to add texture and movement.

Always Start Small
If you’re feeling courageous and want to cut a few inches, remember to start small, particularly if your hair is mid-length. You can only take off more but there’s no going back. It may be a good idea to take a pause and re-asses the length a few hours later.

Snip Vertically
Trust us, you want to avoid horizontal lines. Cutting your hair vertically is what will ensure it looks natural, and more professional. Hold your scissors down the length, not across it. 

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