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This is the Only Way You Should Be Doing Beverly Hills

The luxury winter getaway you won’t soon forget

To call The Beverly Hills iconic feels like an understatement. The ‘pink palace’s trademark colour palette of blush pink and palm green has spurred endless imitations across the globe and throughout every design industry, and it’s legacy cements it as one of the world’s most iconic hotels. 

The BHH (as it’s affectionately known to regulars and locals) has long-been considered the most exclusive address in the 90210 zip code. Any visit to Los Angeles cannot, and I repeat cannot be complete without a visit or stay at the property. 

Over a century since having opened its doors, The Beverly Hills Hotel still retains every inch of it’s mystique and allure: two words which are rarely if ever associated with many hotels today. 

Nestled on Sunset Boulevard just past the border of Beverly Hills, the property was opened in 1912 and has managed to become more and more iconic every year since opening. Whether you are a die hard fan of Old Hollywood (the who’s who list of who used to stay here reads like the Hollywood Walk of Fame itself), or if you’re just looking for a low-key luxurious stay that’s guaranteed to make you not actually need to leave the property, then the BHH is perfect for you. 

When you enter the property, a red carpet greets you and leads you into the hotel’s sprawling lobby (which is a whole social scene in itself). Circular blush peach couches are littered with Beverly Hills locals, who are perched beside discrete Hollywood industry types, and small dogs in a variety of clothing. 

Long before millennial pink was ever a thing, the hotel’s infamous Martinique banana leaf wallpaper, thick pale green carpet, shades of apricots, dusty yellows and pastel pinks have long-been the BHH’s signature. Countless photos of Old Hollywood celebrities pictured poolside, at the Polo Lounge and at various events line the walls of the ground floor.

Who has stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel? Brace yourself. Grace Kelly, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, Lauren Baccall, Howard Hughes (who purchased a dozen of the hotel’s iconic bungalows and lived there for several stints over the decades). You get the drift. 

If there’s any property that embodies and oozes the sheer optimism, bounty and sex appeal of Old Hollywood, it’s here. 

With 210 guest rooms and 23 bungalows dotted throughout the hotel’s (impeccably landscaped) gardens, irrespective of the length of your stay or the scale of the room you take, one thing is for certain: your bathroom will be outstanding. Now it’s not often that we consider hotel bathrooms before the bedrooms, but the plush deep-dive marble encased bathtubs at the BHH are something to write home about. Sprawling bathrooms with an in-built TV in the mirror, rainforest shower and floor-to-ceiling dusty pink marble have become yet another signature of the property.

That brings me to the bed. Sleeping on a cloud is pretty much the only comparable analogy I can muster. Intricately embroidered Egyptian cotton bedsheets are emblazoned with the hotel’s signature emblem, while small very “Beverly Hills” touches are applied at any given moment. Taking an afternoon snooze? No problem, but be sure to listen out for housekeeping, who will delightfully surprise you with quite possibly the most delicious cookie as a mid-afternoon treat.

If you can tear yourself away from your room / bathtub, head down to the pool. Once again, an iconic scene in itself. Remember that image of Faye Dunaway pictured after winning her Academy Award, lounging by the pool amidst a sea of newspapers with her Oscar trophy proudly on display? Yep, that was shot here.

When it comes to food, rarely do I recommend someone stays in the hotel and doesn’t leave – this is the rare occasion. The BHH has not one but three incredible eateries. Poolside eating is always an option, but if you prefer to sit then head to the Cabana Café. Whether you’re after baja fish tacos (with the most delicious slaw) or fresh fruit juices – this is your spot. 

For breakfast, head to the Fountain Coffee Room. The semi-circular bar-seated breakfast room is the place to grab breakfast in the 90210. Head down early and catch an early morning vibe with the locals. Order the avocado toast with a side of hash browns – you will not regret it. The juice menu is also a world of it’s own.

In the evening, there’s no better place to be than the Polo Lounge. This is the epicentre of LA power dining. This is a space that has long-been reserved for Hollywood legends (I don’t use this term lightly). Today, it still entertains the who’s who of Hollywood, including the next generation of glittering young actors, musicians, supermodels, locals, hungry star-watchers and discrete industry meetings. Regardless of the spectacle, the food and service here is sublime. The Polo Lounge sets a new precedent for service that should be recognised (and replicated) by any hotelier the world over.

Regular rooms at The Beverly Hills Hotel start at $710 per night

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