Bella Hadid grey hair TikTok

Dyeing Your Hair is the Pinnacle of Isolation Madness

So why not give Bella Hadid’s new grey hair a try

Bella Hadid grey hair TikTok

Ok let’s face it. We’re all going crazy. From Layla crying because she can’t eat Nando’s anymore to that New Yorker telling his neighbour who’s singing by the window to “shut the f*** up”, literally everyone is losing it. 

But it’s not all zoom yoga classes, live stream parties or baking sessions that are bringing us comfort—according to the thousands of hair pictures I’ve seen littered across my Instagram feed over the past few days, it seems like people are overcoming their nerves with experimental dyes. Case in point: Dua Lipa, Elle Fanning, Georgia May Jagger and Ricky Martin all have one thing in common. Neon pink hair.

There’s one celebrity who also joined the party but decided to play by her own rules: Bella Hadid.

It was only a matter of time before the supermodel picked up on the hair-dyeing trend, but Bella decided to take a more cautious approach, using a TikTok filter to turn her hair grey. 

Bella already made the move from dark brown to honey blonde this year, then also cutting her long bob to bechin-length. 

@babybella777Is it the gray hair?♬ original sound – babybella777

Deemed taboo and ugly by traditional (ahem, sexist) standards, grey has often been a divisive hair colour—if not controversial. But women of all ages and backgrounds have now started to reclaim and embrace grey hair. To such an extent that young girls are now ditching basic bleaches for grey and silver washes (L’Oréal even crowned silver the best hair colour of the year in 2019). 

You’ve watched every possible show on Netflix? Bored of online parties? Already given yourself bangs? Started baking your own bread? Well you might be asking yourself, “what the hell do I do next”. Take a cue from Bella Hadid and dye your hair grey. At least, you’ll be coming out of this quarantine really looking brand new.

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