lebanon protest

10 Ways to Stay Safe During the Lebanese Protests

Everything you need to stay prepared

lebanon protest

Sudan saw its biggest political shift in thirty years last December after people took to the streets in protest, leading to a full-blown revolution and Omar al-Bashir’s ousting. In February, ten days after Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced his candidacy for a fifth presidential term, Algerians took to the streets to demonstrate, leading to his resignation. 

This week all eyes are on Lebanon as millions have gathered across the country for the last six days demanding a government rehaul. If there’s anything to learn from these events, it’s that protests are spontaneous and outcomes are unpredictable, especially in places where corruption runs high. So, it’s all that more important to be prepared. 

Staying safe is top priority. These are all the measures you, your family and your friends should take ahead of taking to the streets. 

Always carry at least one form of identification in case of emergency. 

Do not go by yourself. Go with a friend or a group. 

Plan a meeting point with your group in case you are separated and/or need to leave the protest quickly.

Write a phone number of your emergency contact on a piece of paper or on your body. 

Do not carry a lot of stuff, pack your ID, money, your phone, and medication in your pockets or in a small bag. 

Take a bandana soaked in water and lemon juice vinegar in case you find yourself in the face of chemicals. 

Wear comfortable shoes that you can run in.

Do not use oils and lotions; they trap the chemicals into the skin. 

Make sure your phone is fully charged. Carry a back up portable charger. 

Document police actions.

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