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Here’s How You Can Support Palestine Through Fashion

Fashion for a good cause

palestine charities

Next month, the French-German Cultural Institute in Ramallah will soon play proud host to the first-ever sustainable fashion symposium in Palestine. Running from Oct. 18 to 20, the three-day event, nestled in the heart of the occupied territories, will bring together local fashion professionals and global sustainability experts while also giving a platform to a slew of homegrown artisan producers, guest speakers, and brands to showcase their craft, share their previous savoir-faire, and shed light on the industry’s behind-the-scenes. 

Curated by sustainability certification expert Dorothee Sarah Spehar with the help of Goethe-Institut Ramallah and Celine Aweidah, it is mainly through talks, workshops, presentations, and lectures that the initiative will build on the current trends surrounding sustainability to connect international advocates of the matter with local game-changers. Offering expert-level knowledge on key topics such as zero-waste design, textile certifications, and ethical production methods, organizers have also designed a brand accelerator in order to create and foster possibilities for catalyzing business opportunities. 

A platform that will help push Palestinian brands under the global spotlight, the impassioned event celebrates solidarity and togetherness in both substance and format. Additionally, parts of the conference will be translated into Arabic and live-streamed at the Al-Ghussein Cultural House in Gaza as well as through Mille’s very own socials. Mille is set to host a series of talks probing the question of satire and digital fashion with activist label Trashy Clothing and the realm of traditional embroidery and streetwear with upcoming designer Taita Leila, before discussing how social media can be a catalyst element for change with Zero-Waste Palestine. 

Weaving both worlds of culture and politics together, we cannot wait to author this exciting chapter with the above-mentioned parties and to welcome your questions, suggestions, and reflections ahead, during, and after its proceeding.

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