Huda Kattan Gets her Own Reality TV Show

The 10-part series is called Huda Boss

34 year-old Iraqi-American beauty influencer, IG mogul and entrepreneur Huda Kattan—who has a staggering 25.5m followers—has built an empire in less than five years thanks in-part to her Dubai-based cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, so it’s no wonder her first reality TV show (launching June 12 on Facebook Watch) is aptly called Huda Boss.


The show will follow Kattan in her day-to-day life, “as she shares the good, the bad and the scary times” of what it takes to run a family business, she says in her announcement video.


Since she was a child, Kattan has been inspired and fascinated by her older sister’s love of makeup, which she eventually inherited. These memories led the digital native to start her very first beauty blog on Facebook back in 2010, after quitting her graduate job in Finance.


“Facebook was, and continues to be, a very important platform for the brand, and together with Instagram, has really helped grow our business”, she said in a statement.


Her first product—fake eyelashes—was immediately picked up by Sephora and soon became a firm favourite of Kim Kardashian. Since then, Kattan’s popularity has never stopped growing, but she keeps on entertaining the relationship she has built with her very first fans across the US and the Middle East. Indeed, Kattan hasn’t stopped doing her iconic raw and warm beauty tutorials, despite her success and new responsibilities as a CEO.


“We have had so much fun filming the show and can’t wait for people to get an inside look at our business and our sometimes-crazy family”, she said.


Episodes will be released every Tuesday, and Kattan will also host a live Q&A on Facebook Watch.

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