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5 Super-Hydrating Face Masks to Beat the Summer Heat

Keep your skin glowing all year long

Harsh winter weather is long gone, but although you might think that means it’s time to take a break from your skincare routine – you’re wrong. In summer your skin still gets extremely dehydrated thanks to heavy sunscreens containing alcohol and air conditioners will strip it from moisture even more.


If you want radiant skin all year long, moisturising is a must. But instead of slapping on a thick cream every day– adding a moisturising mask to your summer skin routine is the way to go.


MILLE rounds up five of our favourite face masks to keep your skin soft, smooth, and most importantly hydrated this summer.


GLAMGLOW Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment



If you’re a sucker for great packaging, it’ll be pretty hard to resist this GLAMGLOW mask. And you’ll be happy to hear that the product inside also lives up to its spectacular casing. The mask is ultra-hydrating with a deeply cooling effect which is perfect if you’re having a particularly dry skin day. And to top it off, its yummy coconut smell will leave you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.


105 AED /


Lancome Energie de vie Recovery Sleeping Mask




If you’re anywhere between 25-35 years old with skin that’s pretty dry, this ultra-hydrating sleeping mask is for you (it was designed with this age range in mind). It’s pretty easy to use: you apply a thin layer on your skin and leave it on over-night. The formula is water-based, so it’s light-weight and wont clog your pores whilst still giving you a hydrating glow.


300 AED /


La Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask




La Mer’s products generally do not disappoint—and their Intensive Revitalizing Mask is certainly no exception. The mask’s formula is lightweight and is non-oily, but the best part about the mask is that it’s leave-on—so if you’re always on the go, this is the mask for you.


662 AED /


Clinique Moisture Surge Mask Overnight Mask



Clinique’s Moisture Surge Mask is great for anyone who suffers from extremely dry skin as it’s formulated to penetrate through the skin and hydrate it with an aloe barbadensis water-base. It’s oil-free and fragrance-free so it won’t overwhelm you.


247 AED /


Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask



This mask is perfect for busy-bees looking to add a simple moisturising step to their skin routine. The Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask can be used both day and night and works perfectly for anyone with both severely dry skin or combination skin.


125 AED /

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