The Iconic Goes Contemporary in Lacoste’s Latest Collection

Transcending time, style and genre


The iconic Lacoste crocodile is getting a lavish revamp just before the summer. If you’re still looking for the perfect fit to match your summer vibe, the Paris-founded brand has got you covered as they have just released their latest collection featuring colourful polos, fresh assortments of knitwear and a plethora of sun-protecting accessories. 

Since 1933, Lacoste has consistently positioned itself as the generation-travelling brand that has, for as far as most of us can remember, resisted the tenacious test of time. And the label is continuing on its age-old legacy as their latest campaign, elaborated by BETC and captured by Irish photographer Ronan Gallagher, seeks to carry that spirit onwards through, an although expected, sporty yet luscious aesthetic only they know how to put together best.  

Aimed at people from all walks of life and paths, the new line is said to be inspired by the diverse Lacoste community as seen through the accompanying advertising footage which reveals that moment when two very different people meet by chance and discover that they have something in common: a piece of clothing bearing the unmissable crocodile on their chests. 

With this new drop, Lacoste wants to establish a new brand tone that is fresh and that feels rejuvenated. Picking up on some of their most emblematic pieces, now used as the rallying point between people, their new spirited collection is vivid in colour, bold in pattern and truthful in spirit. 

To reinforce this sense of authenticity, Lacoste went all out. The cast seen carrying the pieces on their shoulders were selected out of a street casting: a pool of people who had never modelled before and that stepped into this role with spontaneity and freshness for a day. 

Captured in film by Gallagher and in video by French director Laure Atanasyan, Lacoste’s new campaign is one to remember, featuring a collection you’ll want to add to your wardrobe. 

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