6 IG Accounts Celebrating the Arabic Language

In honour of World Arabic Language Day


The Arabic language has been around for well over 1000 years, cultivating a flourishing influence that reached the farthest corners of the world. 

During the Golden Age of Arabic poetry which took place between the 4th and 7th century, science and literature were exported and translated to various foreign languages, spreading the Arab world’s influence throughout Europe and greatly impacting the entire world.

From Khwarizmi’s influential works in mathematics and geography to Al-Farabi’s notable writings in political philosophy and metaphysics, the Arab-Islamic intellectuals’ heritage is until today a reference for knowledge and education.

In a tribute to the language’s incredible influence, we’ve rounded up the best IG accounts celebrating the Arabic language.


Ashekman is a Beirut-based Arabic street art group, using Arabic Calligraffiti to revive the Arabic culture in an urban context.

Arabic Typography


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This account is cataloguing Arabic lettering from painted murals to road signs across the region.

Arabic Book Cover Design Archive

The project aims to create a virtual archive celebrating the history of Arabic book covers.


Quotes will grace your feed with words of wisdom, proverbs and inspirational messages in Arabic.

Arabic Pop Art

This is what you get when you mix Arabic calligraphy with pop art and collage.

Alternative Arabic Music

This music platform creates song covers with Arabic lettering, paired with Arabic music samples from Fairuz to Mashrou Leila.


The artist duo, Sadk Kaffel and Yassin Bouzid, use Arabic Calligraffiti to create stunning murals across different Tunisian areas, Casablanca and Paris.


Main picture: Courtesy of ST4

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