7 Insane Homes from the Region We Absolutely Love

From luxury to bohemian and everything in between


Today global architectural trends take us back to natural materials, curves, high vaulted ceilings and arches for days. Rings a bell? Yes, that’s pretty much what we see in the Arab world’s traditional architecture.  

From bohemian aesthetics and experimental design to luxurious mansions, we’ve rounded up 7 stunning homes for you to dream about your next abode. 

Out-to-Out House – Lebanon

Dar Eyquem – Tunisia 


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House of Many Vaults – Lebanon

Villa Chams – Lebanon

Marrakesh Home – Morocco

Marrakesh Home - MoroccoCredits: @nicolas4matheus @laurencedougier

Private Villa – Abu Dhabi

Private Villa - Abu DhabiCredits: 88 Studio Design 

Cana Guesthouse – Lebanon

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