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An Insider’s Guide to Jeddah During the Art Fair

Young Saudi Arabian artist Ahaad Alamoudi tells all

Jeddah-born and based multidisciplinary artist Ahaad Alamoudi, is one of the most promising young artists in the region.

With a body of work that examines and analyses the history of the region and its many mutations – Alamoudi is best-known for her Land Of Dreams installation, which comprised of huge oversized posters of Emirati singer and icon Ahlam Alshamsi being sparsely plotted throughout the surrounding desert.

At only 26-years old Alamoudi has already exhibited in her home country, the United States and in Europe – and most-notably at the 55th Venice Biennale.

She is currently showing a new piece at Jeddah’s 21-39 art fair, entitled Refusing To Be Still, which explores the changes occurring in Saudi Arabia, through a visual representation of a traditional dance called “Al Khibayati”.

MILLE caught up with Alamoudi during 21-39 to find out her favourite spots to eat, hang and check out art.

Al Qalzam

I recommended this for a day off with friends or family. Its’ literally an experience: eating fish in these small huts feels both so comfortable and entertaining.

Best place to start the day with a traditional breakfast. Saudi cuisine at its best: delicious and cosy.

Al Baik
Saudi’s major fast food chain. People either love it or hate it, but you don’t know Jeddah if you don’t know Al Baik.

Athr and Hafez Gallery
They’re the only two art galleries in Jeddah, but they always have something exciting happening like shows, events, talks, etc.

Mawakeb Alajer
The ultimate thrift store.
Mawakeb Alajer

The Corniche
Since the new renovations, this has become my new go-to spot for walks when I want to hang out by the sea. If you are looking for something majestic and sophisticated, head to the Park Hyatt or the Hilton.


21-39 Jeddah Arts runs from Feb 7 – May 5

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