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Weird Beauty Trends That Need to Be Left in 2019

Wave your faux freckles goodbye

We love a good beauty trend. But not all trends are created equal. Although some beauty trends end up being timeless, some are short-lived, and a few should have never become a thing to begin with.

The latter is exactly what we’re putting the focus on. Thanks to Instagram, we’ve seen it all. 2018 saw the rise of the ‘halo brow’, which is basically a reverse unibrow that’s drawn on the forehead, and the ‘fish tail brow’: which requires shaping the ends of your eyebrows to go in separate directions. 

2019 came with its fair-share of wacky trends that we should probably not take into the new year. In case you forgot, here’s a reminder. These are the top five beauty trends that need to stop.

Devil Lips

We made it to December before the wildest beauty trend made its way to the mainstream. Dubbed ‘devil lips’, the lip trend first began in Russia and involves fillers that are shaped to give a ‘devil horn’ effect across both lips. 

IG Eyebrows

This might not have been weird two years ago, but it’s time for it to come to an end. The trend for massive, overly-defined eyebrows (which are perfected by outlining the brows with concealer) needs to go. 

Faux Freckles

It was fun when it first began, but now some people have taken things too far. Freckles made their way back into our hearts this past year, and while that’s good news for those with natural freckles, that’s not enough reason for anyone to get freckles tattooed on their face. 

Alien Cheekbones

Fillers are also fun and games until someone takes it too far. High cheekbones are considered attractive by many, but going over-the-top never is. And 2019 was the year of filler-happy influencers who overdid it, thus dubbing the trend ‘alien cheekbones’. 

Overly-Intricate nail-art

An intricate design can leave anyone in awe—it takes a lot of skill, and that’s respectable. But there’s no reason anyone should ever need a fully-functioning shisha on their nails.

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