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Instagram Celebrates Ramadan in a Major Way

The holy month has officially kicked off

Instagram is getting into the Ramadan spirit for the first time. The social media platform just released their first campaign for the holy month, calling it #MonthofGood.

The campaign, which will run throughout the month of May, was designed to encourage acts of kindness, inviting users to use the hashtag to share their kindest gestures.

And if you’re wondering what that means: “Kindness does not have to be a grand gesture. In fact, small and unexpected acts can have a huge impact on someone’s day,” clarified the company in a statement.

Coinciding with the campaign is a face filter, which the company dubbed ‘Lantern’, featuring a bokeh effect and crescent ornaments, in line with traditional Ramadan decorations. The filter also offers both an Arabic and English Ramadan greeting, which users can tap to move across their screen.

“Instagram is a diverse, global community and Ramadan is one of the biggest cultural moments celebrated on the platform. Our data shows that Ramadan is a time when people come to Instagram to share their moments of kindness and good deeds – with words associated with charity increasing significantly,” said Samer Jamal, Instagram’s MENA Strategic Partner Manager in a statement.

Last year, the Facebook-owned company racked up over 15 million posts about the holiday, so needless to say, the move is more than welcomed. 

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