Instagram’s New Feature is Helping Us Be Alone, Together

Say hello to ‘Co-Watching’

Social media has always been a great means of communication. But with Coronavirus, it’s safe to say it has become somewhat kinder. From virtual happy hours to collective yoga classes, the pandemic is bringing the humane side of social media out. And it feels so good.

To help us navigate this new way of being “alone together”, with us all being stuck at home, Instagram just launched “Co-Watching”, a new feature that allows users to browse the app and share videos and photos over Instagram’s video chat feature.

“We will continue to prioritize safety, connecting people with accurate information, and encouraging support as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves,” the company also said. 

On top of Co-Watching, Instagram has also announced plans to expand educational resources to prevent the virus’s escalation and sticker features to promote social distancing.

Coronavirus news might bring on bouts of anxiety and stress, but one thing is for sure, social media has never been more reliable.

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