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7 UAE-Based Creatives You Need to Follow

A glimpse into the Middle Eastern hub

As one of the region’s biggest creative hubs, the UAE has a lot to offer, and partly due to its ever-changing algorithm your Instagram feed might not reflect that. From designers and artists to DJs and photographers, the UAE is home to a slew of talented creatives. We suggest you give them a follow to diversify your content consumption.

Zeid Jaouni

As a model, Jaouni has already graced the pages of several of the Arab world’s publications, starring in the latest Burberry campaign alongside henna artist and designer Azra Khomeissi. But he’s a graphic designer by trade, having studied at Parsons School of Design in New York. 

Iman Naghavi

Naghavi’s creative eye for film has got us hooked. The filmmaker previously worked with everyone from Ounass to Farfetch. Whilst the Iranian artist isn’t filming, he spends his time making music, or skateboarding. 


The photographer has dipped his hand in practically every industry. From automotive, to fashion and even aerial photography, he’s done it all. 

Stavros Antypas

The Dubai-based, self-titled ‘creative activist’ is a filmmaker, architect and creative director. The only thing we love more than Antypas’ content, which includes collaborative projects with the likes of Andrea Brocca and Levis, is his new fluorescent pink hairdo.

Khalid Mezaina

The illustration and textiles artist is known for his sometimes humorous, sometimes more serious drawings and art-pieces on his Instagram. Mezaina is making comics cool again and if you’re looking to learn a thing or two from the artist, keep an eye out for one of his workshops. 

Mouza Al Hamrani


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Al Hamrani, whose work is centred around illustration and multimedia design, will brighten up your feed with her colourful and bold designs. You can find the Khaleeji artist’s work featured everywhere from Apple to the Sharjah Art Foundation. 

Faissal El-Malak

The Dubai-based Palestinian fashion designer never shies away from expressing his love for the Arab world, and we love him for it. Think of his feed as the ultimate moodboard, featuring some of the region’s most iconic images alongside his work.

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