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The Future Face of Moroccan Rap is Feminine: Introducing Frizzy

A wind of change is on the way


The past few years have seen more and more female rappers break into the world of hip hop, each one bringing their own tone and style to the scene. The West has seen artists like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion or even London-based Little Simz, firmly stamp their name in the world of beats and bars. Resonating with fans from all four corners of the globe, these chart-topping-chicks are inspiring many along the way to jump on tracks and bring some fire to the booth. Needless to say that our region is proving not to be immune to this new sonic movement either.

Enter Frizzy. The 21-year-old rapper has been sending seismic waves across social media with a slew of home-made freestyles that have been generating some impressive numbers on her official Instagram account. The young artist, hailing from Rabat, Morocco, is on a clear mission to amplify her country’s melodies as well as her very own voice while relentlessly proving that gender doesn’t matter when skill, talent and passion all meet.

Carving her own way to the top while ensuring that each one of her appearances, may they be digital or in person, are remembered, we sat down with the trailblazing MC to shoot the breeze on her flourishing career, thoughts on the industry and upcoming projects.

How did you get yourself into rapping?

I started by releasing some freestyles online. At the beginning, I wasn’t intending to take the whole thing any seriously, I just enjoyed competing by participating in challenges and competitions that I eventually ended up winning.

How would you describe yourself to new listeners?

I don’t describe myself, my music does, for that I make my own music with my creative side to let all the listeners feel my words. My music makes people feel things, it transmits emotions that I can only express through rhymes.

How would you describe your musical style?

As many people have claimed, I oddly have this fresh typical touch in my music. I try to include new techniques in flows and structure of rhymes. And that’s obvious in my freestyles, you may ask “why just freestyles”, because in singles, unconsciously, you respect some radical rules of producing.

Where does the name Frizzy come from?

‘Frizzy’ refers to my hairstyle. A lot of people have always loved how wild and messy my hair might look. They think it makes me look naturally beautiful and unique, and so do I.

Your last series of IG freestyles have been taking off with some of them getting close to the 1M view benchmark. Where did the idea come from?


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Une publication partagée par FRIZZY (@frizzyofficiel)

My ‘FRIZZTYLE’ freestyle series contains 4 freestyles so far, and each one of them has a different vibe and technique from the other. The idea was mine since I unfortunately, or fortunately, have always been receiving positive feedback from people who follow my work, so I felt like giving people something to continuously enjoy.

The rap industry, can it be in Morocco or elsewhere, is still a very male-dominated industry. Is it difficult to make a name for yourself as a woman?

The rap industry is for everyone, but the rapper who is able to make good quality music wins his place. Recently, we’ve seen the evolution and development of female rap after a long time of underestimation because of the domination of the male category and the obstacles women face to enter the world of music in general, and the world of rap as a form of street art.

For my case, I didn’t find it that complicated to prove myself worthy of the position I’m in today, I produce my music with a considerable effort and love, as a result, I get the respect of all the audience here or abroad.

Do you feel like you’re in competition with fellow female rappers ? What’s your relationship with them?

Music is an art, not a competition. As I said, it’s a free world, every female rapper does her best to improve her reputation, for this reason, we support each other with all the love and respect. I’ve good relationships with the majority of them, pure feelings, no tension.


Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par FRIZZY (@frizzyofficiel)

I have my people and fans who like me for who I am, and what I make them feel through my lines, and nobody can steal this love from me, henceforth there is no place for fear from competition to take place in me.

So far you have released five singles. What are you currently working on and what is next for you?

I have a lot of upcoming projects and features with other artists that I can’t reveal their names for the time being. ‘Frizzy Bipolaire’ is the next project and I’m very excited for it. The making of it was very fun and professional.

The idea came from many random people and fans that have been asking me to drop it on YouTube and all the other platforms but I wasn’t a fan of the idea, since the first verse is my first ‘Frizztyle’ freestyle. But I gave it a try and I ended up loving the result.

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