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5 Iranian Photographers to Not Sleep On

Between tradition and modernity, this new wave is worth paying attention to

Home to one of the richest civilisations the world has ever witnessed, Teheran has always been an art hub of its own, and it would be naive to think that’s no longer the case. 

The nation’s creative scene might be low-key, but artists have made it their personal mission to shed light onto the republic’s rich culture and beyond. And we’ve decided to put the spotlight on photographers doing exactly that.


Based in Brussels, Sepideh Farvardin is a 29-year-old visual-artist that has had her works displayed throughout Europe and North Africa as well as in her home country. Putting the spotlight on cityscapes and street photography, the creative has proven through her works to be very keen and eager to capture the interdependence between personal identity and urban identity and reveal the moments when both meet. 

Maryam Saeedpoor

As one of the recent recipients of the Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival back in January, the Teheran-born photographer is hardly at her first rodeo when it comes to exhibiting her snapshots around the world. Usually met with great success, Maryam Saeedpoor has traveled most of the world’s capitals through her work showcasing her pictures in several countries such as Turkey, the US or Japan.



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Amir appears to be quite a witty person through his Instagram. Claiming to have failed photography classes at high-school level, the young fashionable photographer aims, among others, to capture his friends through his lense and it’s quite safe to say that he does so in great style.

Jacklin Rivandi


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Featured several times in the notoriously famous Teheran times, the art and photography enthusiast is starting to make a name for herself and making sure for us to remember her name. Contemporary, modern whilst yet using staple, and sometimes kitsch, references to her roots, the photographer is putting Iran on the map in a way that many of us will find hard to forget.



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Sometimes behind the camera and other times in front of it, it is quite hard to figure who 5ahel really is and the range to which her talent spans on. Content Creator, photographer, and image maker at the same time, the creative makes use of her surrounding and everyday products to showcase her artistic challenges playing with perception, food and colours to picture her mind.

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