Stunning Irving Penn Exhibition Coming to the Middle East

The iconic American photographer’s work heads to Beirut

Once nicknamed “the Paris of the Middle East”, Beirut has long been lauded for its vibrant cultural scene. But that all changed over recent decades as wars plagued the Levant nation, but from the looks of it, the Lebanese capital is well on its way to rebuilding what the endless wars had tore down.


Cue the newly opened Mina Image Centre. Located in none other than Beirut’s Port district, the multidisciplinary gallery plans to host three to four shows a year. And to kick things off, the centre has opened with Untroubled, a stunning exhibition of iconic American photographer Irving Penn’s work.




Curated by Matthieu Humery, the show marks the first time the photographer’s work has been on display in the region, and includes an incredible 49 prints of Penn’s original photographs, shot over the course of four decades, all of which are on loan from the Pinault Collection in Venice.


Mostly known for his breadth of work fashion photography work, Penn made a name for himself when he shot his first cover for Vogue in 1943, eventually going on to shoot over 100 covers.




He’s also known for his striking portraits of some of the world’s most renowned creatives—notably Pablo Picasso—which will be put on display.


The show will also include two of his iconic and most powerful photographs featuring none other than the hand of genius trumpeter Miles Davis, aptly titled The Hand of Miles Davis.



Untroubled is on at Mina Image Centre in Beirut until April 28.

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